Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Treasures have been found, let me show you....

From 'sugar walls' tableaux vivant staged as part of DesignPhiladelphia (no wonder I couldn't find it the little event guide catalogue because it was printed in there for Sunday.... not Saturday : ( ........ so for those that missed it I am so sorry and provide description of the evenings happenings.)

After a wonderful Saturday evening of photography, drawing, and still life-ing this gem became real and in many formats!  

Two large print tables were the display situ for 2 ladies of fine mind and demeanor to pose in the manner of salmon fish swimming up stream.....spawning.  Lots of red fabrics poured off of Jaclyn- in pic below, as she was near the top of the 'stream' struggling the most with the natural progression of such a life.  Screen printed fabric yardages mimicked the colors of streams flowing and the sky reflected in the water abstracted, deconstructed and reconstructed.  A quilted, patchworked fabric stream/river.

On the wall behind Jaclyn is a wall drawing of dripping irridescent lavender ink, very watery with a touch of melancholy yet reminiss of japanese sumi ink brush strokes.  This drawing frames the stilled life resting on the platform.  It also has two vantage points, one being at the entry of the space.

Lauren posed on the longer table, 'swam' further down stream in a dress of patch worked of shimmering squares of fabric, rather than typical fish scales.......

All the while, Denise sketched with a purple ink pen an accordian book full of drawings of the various poses of these fish girls tranformations......pics of those to come!

Please enjoy the work of many talents that came together for moments in time.  More to come, especially brilliantly edited pics of Jaclyn and Lauren, the posing ladies, from the skills of photographic connoisseur/craftsman Sean.  

Until then here is one image I snapped of a pose.....